Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Invitation to my most recent show

This is the announcement.

Invitation to my most recent show

I am currently in a show at my Gallery with a dear friend Carol Verneuil. Carol's work is photography, mine is oils on panel.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Charcoal image of Pia in Fairy costume 5'x2'

This Charcoal image is to be shown with the Fairy images and the Sculpture. I think the face is a good likeness.

Fairy Series oil on panel

Fairy series were fun to do.

Fairy Series oil on panel

Fairy series (four in all).

Fairy Series oil on panel

Another image from the Fairy series. Four small works in all.

Fairy Series oil on panel

The Fairy series is about Pia and her favorite costume. She has this costume in two sizes; small and extra small. She wore it to Halloween parties, a wedding that took place the last week in October(guests were welcomed to dress in costume).

Shadows oil on panel (Pia)

"Shadows" is a series of 4" x 6" oil paintings of my granddaughter in a big straw hat that created shadows on her while she was wearing it in the sun. We were in Cape Cod and the beach and the sun were marvelous.

Shadows oil on panel

I did a series of small works that are of my granddaughter Pia.

Homage to Jeff Koons

This is a Sculpture I did in 2008 for the UPSTATE 88 Anniversary show. My first attempt at a plaster sculpture. It was in the Cooperstown National and received an award.